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The Introl Design Model 482 is microcontroller based and offers the latest in State of the Art Design. The Model 482 has been designed with the emphasis on extremely fast response, for use in closed loop applications. Microprocessor design allows excellent response characteristics while preventing excessive motor peak current. These features make this control a viable low cost alternative, in many applications, to servo amplifiers and motors. This control operates both permanent magnet and shunt wound motors. In addition to closed loop control applications, this control operates exceptionally well in standard variable speed and torque control (tensioning, unwind, re-wind, etc.) modes. In torque control, the Model 482 can be programmed to deenergize the motor when a preset speed is reached. This can be advantageous if a malfunction occurs (e.g. while tensioning a material and the material breaks, the motor will accelerate to the predetermined speed, then coast to a stop.)

Electronic Reversing
Regenerative Braking
Fault Indicator LED's
Fault Condition Relay Output
Programmable Overload
Full Wave Field Supply for Shunt Motors
     (Field Economy in Stand-by Mode)
Run/Stop Relay Type Input Circuitry
Motor Disconnect Relay
Hard Burst SCR Firing
DIP Switch Programmable Operating Modes
Full Wave/Four Quadrant
Current Limit Indicator
Both AC Lines Fused
Large Chassis Heatsink
Wide Speed Range
Programmable Zero Speed Torque
Programmable Braking Current
CEMF or Tachometer Feedback
Velocity/Torque/Closed Loop Control Modes
Excellent Speed Regulation
Fault Outputs for:
     - Loss of Feedback
     - Excessive Acceleration or Speed in Torque Mode
     - Overload
3 Horsepower Model Available

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   Input Power   

    Reconnectable for 115V or 230V

   Horsepower Range

1/8 to 1 HP at 115V


1/4 to 2 HP at 230V

   Line Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
   Output Voltages: 115V Armature -   90 VDC
   Field -  100 VDC
                              230V Armature -  180 VDC
  Field -  200 VDC
   Drive Service Factor 1.0
   Duty Continuous
   Input Signal Required 0 to 10 VDC
Performance Characteristics   
   Speed Regulation   
       CEMF - Voltage Feedback 2% of Set Speed
       Tach Feedback 0.5% of Set Speed
Operating Conditions   
   Line Voltage Variation 10%
   Line Frequency Variation 2 Hz
   Ambient Temperature 0 to 55C
   Altitude to 3300' (1000m) above sea level
   Required space for TENV Enclosure 1000 cu. in./HP
Operator Functions   
   Power On/Off, Run/Stop,Fwd/Rev Customer Supplied
   Speed Potentiometer, 5K, 2W Customer Supplied
   Fault Relay Form C, 3A at 28 VDC or 120 VAC
Physical Dimensions   
   Overall 9"H x 5-7/8"W x 3"D
   Mounting 6"H x 5-1/2"W

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