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Introl Model 636 is a 3 phase full wave four quadrant regenerative control for use on DC motors up to 50 HP. The control operates on 230/460 VAC 3 phase, 50/60 Hz power. The twelve SCR power bridge provides improved efficiency and better form factor which results in cooler operation. The Model 636 is packed with features not found on most controls. Microprocessor design provides faster response for use in servo applications. The control also works exceptionally well in torque applications. Microprocessor design also provides improved fault detection, programmable operation modes, programmable overload along with many other features.


-  Solid State Full Wave Power Bridge
-  Quadrant Lockout - Allows Operation in Only One Direction with Regenerative Braking Switch Selectable
-  Semiconductor Fuses - Line and Armature
-  Isolated Control Circuitry
-  Phase Insensitive
-  230/460 VAC Operation
-  180 Hz Alternating Current to Armature Enhances Slow Speed Operation - Switch Selectable
-  Extended Torque Range - Allows 150% of Current Setting for Programmed Time 0, 1, 5 or 10 Seconds
-  Overload - Switch Programmable for 2-32 Seconds in 2 Second Increments
-  Full Four Quadrant Operation
-  Speed or Torque Regulation Switch Selectable
-  Current Limit Indicator
-  Run/Stop Relay - Form C for use with External Armature Contactor
-  Slow Speed Response Boost- Improves Slow Speed Response - Switch Selectable
-  Maximum Motor Speed - While in Torque Mode Drive will Deenergize when Programmed Speed is Reached While Operating in Torque
-  Programmable for 10 to 100% of Maximum Speed Setting
-  Indicators for Stand-by, Run, Current Limit and Fault Detection

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Ratings Faults    
Input Power

230 VAC or 460 VAC  

- Overload
HP Range - Field Loss
         636-10 5HP at 230     10HP at 460   - Phase Loss
         636-20 10HP at 230 20HP at 460   - Loss of Feedback Signal
         636-30 15HP at 230   30HP at 460   - Heatsink Over Temp.
         636-40 20HP at 230    40HP at 460   - Maximum Speed Exceeded in Torque Mode
         636-50 25HP at 230     50HP at 460   Note: Upon a fault condition the drive will deenergize and a Form C relay will change state and LED indicators will output Fault Code. Drive will not restart when fault is cleared until it is reset by disconnecting power and reapplying.
Line Frequency

50/60 Hz  

Output Voltages 230 VAC:   240 VDC Arm.  
  150 VDC Field  
  460 VAC:   500 VDC Arm.    
  300 VDC Field   Performance
Drive Service Factor 1.0   Speed Regulation
Duty Continuous      CEMF - Voltage FdBk 2% of Set Speed
Input Signal 0 to 10 VDC       Tach Feedback 0.5% of Set Speed
Operating Conditions  
Line Voltage Var. 10%   Operator Functions
Line Freq. Var. 2 Hz   Power On/Off, Run/Stop Customer Supplied
Ambient Temp. 0 to 55C   Forward/Reverse Customer Supplied
Altitude to 3300' above sea level    Speed Pot, 5K 2W Customer Supplied
Space for TENV Encl. 1000 cu. in./HP at 230VAC    Relay Output 3A at 28 VDC or 120 VAC
Physical Dimensions

12"W x 16.5"L x 9"D  

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