If you would like to have any of our literature sent to you, please contact us by phone/fax or email.

You may want to start with the Introl Product Guide, which gives an overview of the product lines we offer, as well as features of some of our most popular units.

We offer full color brochures which include specifications and application examples for the following controls:
(Click on the name of the brochure in which you are interested to see a full copy of it online.)

Model 61 (Uni-Track 1)
Model 601 (Introloc 1)
Model DC100
Model 482
Model 636
ServoLoc 1
ServoLoc 2*
ILC2100 and IPC2100 series
Line of DC Drives
New Indexing Package
*(ServoLoc 3 unit has replaced ServoLoc 2, but ServoLoc 3 literature is not available yet)

Informational write-ups are available on most other models. Contact us for more information.

We also offer another specialized guide booklet to assist you in choosing a control to fit your particular application:
The Introl Motion Control Guide shows several types of controls and systems available from our product line, and examples of typical applications for which they might be used.

Or you may choose to request an Introl Catalog, which includes all of the above mentioned individual brochures and our Motion Control guide, bound in a convenient booklet form.


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