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Introl DC100A Series of Brushless Motor Controllers
The Introl DC100 series was designed, developed and is manufactured by Introl Design, Inc. to control three phase brushless DC motors. The DC100 is ideal for controlling general purpose brushless motors, or high performance servo motors, in tight and responsive servo loops. This controller provides all the advantages of DC brush type motors without the maintenance associated with brushes. Hall effect sensors supply commutation information, while encoder feedback supplies velocity information. Set-up requirements are easy to understand potentiometer adjustments. Isolated control circuitry allows quick and easy interface to other equipment without the requirement of isolation transformers or other isolation circuitry. Indicators include power on, run, current limit, fault, and bus voltage. The DC100 has been designed as a low cost, high performance alternative to brush type controls or expensive servo systems, up to 1 1/2 hp DC. (Larger models will be available soon.) This controller is protected against undervoltage, overvoltage, and overcurrent. Applications for the DC100 include indexing, positioning, synchronizing, precision speed control, spindle drives, and many others.

Length Control Option: The length control card mounts internal to the DC100 drive, adding 1 inch to the width, converting it to a stand alone single axis controller. The length control card utilizes differential encoder inputs with x4 logic providing 4000 counts of position resolution per motor revolution. All parameters can be programmed on the fly, and are installed through a serial communication link with one of Introl's Operator Interfaces, or a computer. As a stand alone, the length controller can be programmed with a single preset, executed each time the run input is initiated, or have one of four preset indexes selected externally. All inputs are optoisolated, with an isolated 12 VDC supply, included as standard, for supplying power to optoisolators. Index complete and batch complete outputs are uncommitted phototransistor outputs. Operator Interface Options: Introl manufactures a variety of operator interfaces for positioning or speed control, easily programmed and operated. The thumbwheel and pushbutton switches with LED indicators give the operator simple but effective local interface to process control. Any Introl interface doubles as a programmer, eliminating additional communication equipment required to set up initial parameters in the length controller card. Pushbutton and selector switches are rugged industrial switches, and connected to a printed circuit board for reduced wiring. Thumbwheel switches and LED indicators are also connected to a printed circuit board, monitored by an on-board microcontroller, communicating information to the length controller card through serial communication, reducing field wiring, improving noise immunity, and reliability.

Custom designs are also available.

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Typical Feed & Cut to Length application. DC100A with registration input (optional) will position the material
accurately relative to the registration mark and compensate for stretch and variations.


Drive Specifications
Input Power
Line Frequency
Output Current
     115 VAC input (opt.)

     230 VAC input
Bus Voltage
     115 VAC input (opt.)
     230 VAC input
Drive Service Factor
Reference Input Signal
Modulation Frequency
Commutation Feedback
Velocity Feedback

230 VAC (115 opt.) 1
50/60 Hz   
8.5 Amps at 17 kHz   

6.0 Amps at 17 kHz   
optional 8.5A at 12 kHz   
160 VDC   
320 VDC   

0 to 10 VDC   
17 kHz or 12 kHz   
Hall Effect Sensors   
1000 ppr encoder   

Length Controller Specs
  Isolated Power for Optos
  Maximum Speed
  Inputs (8)
  Outputs (2)
  Drive Enable Output
  Set-Up (serial RS232)
      Jog Speed
  Output Ref to Drive
  Encoder Output to Drive

1000 ppr diff encoder

12 VDC
1800 rpm (or 4000 rpm opt.)
opto isolated 5 to 12 VDC
uncmtd phototrns 50mA mx
0 to 99%
0 to 9,999 ms
0 to 99%
0 to 99%
0 to 99%
0 to 9,999,999 counts
0 to 10 VDC
ChA and ChB single ended

Operating Conditions

Line Voltage Variation
Line Frequency Variation
Ambient Temperature

2 Hz    
0 to 50C (32 to 122 F)    

  Physical Dimensions

to 3300' above sea level
up to 95% non-condensing
5.4"W x 10.0"H x 6.5"D

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