ServoLoc 1
Digital Brushless
Servo Controller

Input Power: 80 to 230 vac single phase 50/60 Hz or 100 to 350 vdc, 15 Amp max.
Power ON Inrush: Internally limited by precharge circuitry to 5 Amp max peak.
Output Power: 3 phase sinusoidal current 230 volt max, 0 to 5A continuous (0 to 10A continuous with additional heatsink and cooling fan), 20A peak for two seconds.
Modulation Frequency: 20 kHz
Discrete Inputs: Two optically isolated control inputs 10 to 24 vdc, sinking or sourcing, for Run/Stop input and static brake enable input.
-  Two jumper programmable inputs to select motor type and encoder resolutions.
-  Encoder inputs TTL 5 volts or open collector type. Digitally filtered channel A quad B up to 250 kHz external.
-  Hall effect rotor position inputs TTL 5 volts or open collector type.

Discrete Outputs: One optically isolated drive fault output, sinking/ sourcing 5-24 vdc at 20 ma. max for:    - over current     -  over voltage
-  under voltage        -  power loss         -  short
-  One open collector transistor output to indicate drive is operating at current limit.

Analog Inputs: Velocity command input 0 to 10 vdc.  - Selectable current/torque command 0 to 10 vdc scalable by an on board pot.
Analog Input Resolution: 12 bits
Analog Output: 0 to +4 vdc output proportional to 0 to 20 Amp motor current
Serial Communication: RS 485 at 9600 baud to program and verify up to 32 drives on a single buss.
-  Alternate connection is utilized for RS 232 single device connection
-  PC software is provided for drive set-up

Operating Conditions: Drive is designed to operate safely in an ambient temperature of 0 to 60 C, noncondensing conditions. Heatsink temperature must never exceed 80 C.
Physical dimensions: Footprint 9.0" H x 2.6" W
-  Size 9.0" H x 2.6" W x 5.0" D including mating connector.

     The ServoLoc 1 is a fully digital brushless servo motor controller specially designed and manufactured to allow user configurable operation. The ServoLoc 1 with 3 sinusoidal motor current operation provides smooth rotation and improved torque repeatability over trapezoidal current type drives.
     RS 485 serial communication of the ServoLoc 1 allows for a multi-axis velocity/torque control environment, with on-the-fly mode change. Since the ServoLoc 1 was designed and developed as an alternative choice for an existing servo drive, additional features are incorporated to interface with a wide variety of brushless motors. Inputs are provided on the terminal block to configure the ServoLoc 1 to operate with various encoder resolutions and motor poles.
     Besides tight servo loop control, the ServoLoc 1 includes features that are not available from competitive type drives. One of the most important features is that the ServoLoc 1 includes a selectable static brake option (shorting 3 motor leads) when the drive is disabled and at low velocity. This option is particularly useful in anti-windup situations. Another useful feature is its ability to coast to stop or ramp (decelerate) to stop and disable when a stop command is initiated.

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