ServoLoc 2
Digital Brushless
Servo Controller

Input Power: 80 to 230 vac single phase or 3 phase, or 100 to 350 vdc, 15 Amps max.
Power ON Inrush: Internally limited by precharge circuitry to 5 Amp max peak.
Output Power: For brushless 3 phase sinusoidal/trapezoidal current 230 Volt rms max, 0 to 15 Amp continuous, 30 Amp peak for 1 second
Modulation Frequency: 20 kHz
Discrete Inputs: Two optically isolated inputs 10 - 24 vdc sinking/ sourcing for run/stop and motor thermal switches
-  Encoder inputs single ended 5 volt TTL or open collector type, internally digitally filtered A quad B up to 250 kHz external, internally x4
-  3 Hall Effect rotor position inputs, 5 Volt TTL or open collector type.

Discrete Outputs: One normally closed held open relay contact output to indicate drive fault, rated for 0.5 Amp at 24 vdc for overcurrent, motor thermal, overvoltage, short, and power loss.
-  One open collector transistor output to indicate drive is operating in current limit. 5 to 24 vdc current sinking up to 50 mA.
Analog inputs
(12 bit resolution):  -  One 0 to 10 vdc input
-  One 0 to +5 vdc inp
ut          -  One 4 to 20 mA input
Analog Output: One 4 to 20 mA output for velocity or current with 12 bit resolution.
Serial Communication: RS 485 at 9600 baud to program and verify up to 32 drives on a single buss.
-  Alternate connection is utilized for RS 232 single device connection
-  PC software is provided for drive set-up

Operating Mode: Software selectable for brushless/brush type servo motors with various number of poles.
Feedback: Software selectable, resolver with various number of poles, encoder with programmable resolution, encoder and Hall Effect, or Hall Effect only.
Operating Conditions: Drive is designed to operate safely in an ambient temperature of 0 to 60 C, non-condensing. Heatsink temperature must not exceed 80 C.
Physical dimensions: Footprint 10.0" H x 3.5" W
-  Size 10.0"H
x 3.5"W x 6.0"D including mating connector

     The ServoLoc 2 is a fully digital servo controller designed and manufactured by Introl Design to control the velocity/torque of a brushless DC servo motor or brush type DC servo motor. The unique design of this controller allows for the use of a variety of feedback devices. With its Windows-based software-selectable options, it will satisfy virtually every drive need for up to 15 Amps continuous and 30 Amps peak.
     The ServoLoc 2 can control the velocity of a motor very smoothly with full torque down to zero speed with no deadband. For brushless motor control, the ServoLoc 2 can be configured to operate in sinusoidal or trapezoidal output current mode to offer the best performance for your application, with resolver or encoder/Hall feedback. For DC servo type motor control, the ServoLoc 2 can accept resolver or encoder feedback.
     The ServoLoc 2 has a compact design and will operate with AC or DC power input and operates with a wide input power range of 80 to 230 vac or 100 to 350 volts DC.

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