Regenerative Drives

This drive is microprocessor based and has been designed with an emphasis on extremely fast response for use in closed loop applications. Microprocessor design allows excellent response characteristics while preventing excessive motor peak current. It operates both permanent magnet motors and shunt wound motors. These features make this control a viable low cost alternative, in many applications, to servo amplifiers and motors.

A compact, rugged, high performance full wave control. Features include high bandwidth for servo-like performance, adjustable linear acceleration and deceleration, and jumper selectable velocity or torque mode operation.

A three phase full wave four quadrant control. The 12 SCR power bridge provides improved efficiency and better form factor, which results in cooler operation. Microprocessor design provides faster response for use in servo applications. The control also works exceptionally well in torque applications.

This single phase regenerative drive allows complete control of a DC motor. Speed can be controlled in either forward or reverse without armature contactors. This drive is highly responsive and therefore perfectly suited for applications requiring rapid acceleration/deceleration cycles or repeated reversals.